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Unfortunately there was not enough interest in athletics for us to enter the competition at the beginning of June.  Athletics club will however continue to run on Tuesdays from 3pm until 3.50pm, where all children that expressed an interest will have the opportunity to work towards an athletics certificate.

Athletics trials for P5 and P6 children interested, take place this Tuesday 13th May from 3pm until 3.50pm.

At the beginning of June, we are hoping to enter an athletics event, where we will be competing in a variety of track and field events.  Any P7 children who are interested in participating in this event are therefore encouraged to stay for athletics’ trials on Tuesday 29th April from 3pm until 3.50pm.

Ahletics Calendar

Tuesday 29th April - 3pm-3.50pm -  P7 Trials

Tuesday 13th May - 3pm - 3.50pm - P5 and P6 Trials

Tuesday 20th May - 3pm - 3.50pm -  P5, P6 and P7 competitors  *

Tuesday 27th May - 3pm - 3.50pm - P5, P6 and P7 competitiors  *

The competition will then be held the first week in June.

* Information of who is required to attend on Tuesday the 20th and 27th May will be given after the trials.

All children, in the relevant year groups with an interest in participating are welcome to attend the trials.