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The Northern Ireland Primary Curriculum

We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum for each child which is delivered through the use of a variety of

methods, resources and teaching experiences to encompass the needs of your child’s learning style.

The Northern Ireland Curriculum ensures delivery of the following areas of study:

Language and Literacy - this includes Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing

Mathematics and Numeracy - this encompasses the development of mathematical concepts and numerical


The World Around Us - Geography, History, Science and Technology skills and knowledge are developed through this area

The Arts including Art and Design, Music and Drama

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding this focuses on emotional development, empathy, equality and understanding of local and global issues.

Physical Development - each child is given the opportunity to develop a range of physical skills and will take part in class team games and competitive activities while understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Religious Education - the teaching of Religious Education is non-denominational in nature whilst being Christian in content. We link this with PDMU to develop tolerance, understanding and equality.

Embedded within the core of the curriculum are the essential skills of Communication, Using ICT, Mathematics

and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. Parents are informed if their child requires extra help and are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher and Special Needs Coordinator as and when


The school is staffed by well qualified and enthusiastic teachers who are dedicated to providing the best education for your child. Pupils work as individuals, members of groups and as members of a whole class, depending on the nature of the activity. With a range of these approaches, the teacher is able to  create  opportunities when your child can benefit, on an individual basis, from the teacher’s expertise and professional guidance.